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Welcome to my blog!

After some nudging by one of my seven Facebook readers, I finally bit the bullet and decided to create a blog. There are many great blogs out there by some smart, dedicated bloggers that provide content and services to those needing to improve their health so I didn't feel another blog about health would be meaningful to others. However, I decided I will use my blog as another way to bring relevant content for those interested in learning how to eat, move, and be healthy.

It is really hard to put yourself out there on the interwebs and expose yourself to the world so it took me some time to build the courage and confidence to do so. And also worth mentioning, is that grammar and writing was never my strong suit (you'll notice I like to use a lot of commas and do other things to upset the grammar and writing police). The topic of food, food science (or lack of in some cases), and exposing how current conventional medicine and health care insurance is contributing to the decline of our health in this country can be very controversial.

My vision for my blog is to share some relevant personal experiences that people may relate to and to share important information that I've learned along my journey by linking relevant articles, podcasts, websites, etc in the blog. See, I believe we all need to be our own health advocate. Why?

Because we HAVE to be our own advocate!

Don't give away your power.

Many doctors fill up their schedules with patient appointments due to insurance contracts and have no time to spend keeping up with current research and doing continuing education beyond what is required. We see the doctor when we are sick and therefore, it's no wonder our country is very sick overall. We practice sickcare not healthcare. Autoimmune diseases, chronic illnesses, autism, brain and behavior and mental health issues are are vastly on the rise. It's scary. But if we learn about the factors that influence how we look, feel, and perform, we have the power to reverse the trend. We have the power to influence our genes. YEP. Even if a disease or illness runs in our family, we have the power to keep the gene turned OFF (this is called epigenetics). This is powerful.

While we all generally made up of the same material, we are all vastly unique. We don't have the same nutritional needs. Our environmental toxins are unique to where we live, work and breathe. We all have our own stressors and life experiences. Our biochemistry may be unique based upon our own genetic mutations and researchers are learning more about how to treat these every day. In other words, we can't have a one size fits all nutrition, or healthcare approach and we need to be our own health advocate. Yet, conventional medicine focuses on standard of care and generally tries to treat everyone with a one sized fits all approach. Staying healthy is an investment in your health so that you may increase your vitality and longevity.

While I have good intentions of trying to write some short meaningful blog posts, I know it is very time consuming and can be hard to keep up with, so I'm going to do my best.

Please join me on this journey called life!

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